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 Blog Article: July 21, 2021

You learned all about being a Plus member in the previous blog, but what happens when you move into the third tier of our membership plan? As a Platinum member, you will have fewer service fees on available evolve FCU products as well as lowered loan rates.

Let us explore in detail the exclusive benefits of the Platinum Membership Plan.

Platinum members have a combined household average of $25,000 - $75,000 in evolve FCU loans and/or shares. In this tier, Cashier’s checks and Mastercard gift cards can be purchased at no charge. For Cashier’s checks, please call our eBanking Center at 915.593.5866 to place your order and pick up at any branch drive-thru location of your choice. Gift cards can also be ordered by phone but can only be picked up at the Main drive-thru located at 8840 Gazelle Dr., 79925. Other examples of no-charge service fees for Platinum members include, but are not limited to statement copies, collection items, mailed paper statements, stop payment orders, verification of deposits, notaries on external copies.

To view the full list of products and service fees, please refer to the evolve FCU Membership Levels lists where you can compare them side-by-side.


What about the Rate Incentives?

With a Platinum membership, you are awarded the following:

A rate incentive of .15% off loans. Let us assume that you qualify for a new vehicle loan with evolve FCU at a rate of 2.45%. As a Platinum member your loan rate incentive will bring your percentage down by .15%, setting your rate at 2.30%.

A rate incentive of .15% is added to your share certificates and jumbo CD rates. Whether you have a minimum of $500 in a 3-month boost share or $100,000 balance in a 12-month jumbo share, your Platinum membership earns you an additional .15% on your CD rate!

Just like the element, this Platinum plan is strong and rare!

Do not miss out on making the most of your Platinum membership! Use all the evolve FCU resources available to really get the full banking experience with us. These resources include:

  • eTTA machines in our lobbies.
  • Any of our four conveniently located branch drive thrus for speedy transactions.
  • Mobile app for electronic banking.
  • Mobile Wallet for fast, safe, and easy payments.
  • Our website and WhatsUp blog for products, services, and account information.

The success of our credit union is based on the contributions and loyalty of our members. evolve FCU rewards members with rate incentives, waived service fees and benefits like the Patronage Dividend* and 7% APY* rate on your ePriority checking account! As a Platinum member, evolve FCU extends gratitude for your commitment, loyalty, and contributions and we are here to reciprocate by providing you with the utmost member experience.

How Do You Move into a Diamond Elite Tier?

  • Buying or refinancing your mortgage loan with evolve FCU.
  • Having a bundle of evolve FCU products, like auto loans for your household or opening a money market account of $75,000 or more.

Our eBanking Center is here to assist with your account, features, and transactions. For questions, please call 915.593.5866 and they will be happy to help!

*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. The Board of Directors must approve the distribution of the Patronage Dividend each year. Visit our website at giving.workout-book.com at the Patronage Dividend icon for Eligibility Criteria. Not all primary members will receive a dividend due to non-qualifying factors. Refer to the Membership Plan – Fee Schedule for fees of all membership plans. evolve FCU is Federally Insured by NCUA.

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